Since a law change in Spain in 2015, many non-Spaniards have asked for a permit to work and live in this country.

That new law frame gave makes it much more easy for foreign entrepreneurs to establish their business in Spain, in different categories:

  • Entrepreneurs: one-year visa for living in Spain only to execute all the preparatory paperwork needed to start a business in Spain, provided that the business is innovative and of economic interest for the country.
  • Highly qualified professionals: managers in strategic areas.
  • Investors: more than 1 million euros in Spanish companies stocks, or in Spanish bank accounts.
  • Real Estate: purchase of real estate in Spain with a minimum invest of 500.000 euros for each applicant.
  • Intra-company movement: foreign workers moving to Spain as part of their labour contract in a foreign country.
  • Investigation and Development: for activities in public or private scientific investigation.

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